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Pythia is a young but aging world still in the throes and turmoil of an early violent age that is dominated by animistic religious traditions. Major Dawn cities are forming for the first time and the break between nomadic hunter gather societies and sedentary agricultural based communities is causing growing tension between the old ways and the new. The Ancient Races that had long dominated this age are for the first time realizing the threats posed by the New Races. The physical landscape quickly changes as a series of mysterious natural disasters begin to plague the Geography of Pythia and the political landscape is ever shifting as the Ancient Races fight for control of their historic lands, while the New Races gain strength and attempt their first efforts to topple these crumbling empires.

First Races
-Another races that has been forgotten but whose mysterious ruins still dot the landscape, some people think are just a legend?
-Aos Sí (pronounced Ay-oss Shee, Fairy Folk, retreated into a sort of hiding but still around)

Ancient Races
-Radan (Ray-dan, Skaven)
-Trolls (nomads)

Dawn Races
-Elves (worship the Aos Si, possibly wish to restore them to power?)

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